Bespoke Gowns

Commissioning a bespoke gown or garment allows you to order and own something that has been created just for you in the style, fabric and details of your choice, to bring your dreams and visions to life. Your gown/garment will be made in the fully experience hands of Nicola Gill who graduated from the London College of Fashion in 1999, so you can ensure your gown/garment will be made with expertise.

The Design & Creation Process

The Consultation

During our first appointment, we will discuss your design, details and fabric ideas, and look through images and fabric swatches in order for me to understand your vision. I allow plenty of time for us to discuss this all and take in to consideration the style of your event, and how different types of fabrics look and react in certain styles. I will then draw a rough sketch of the finalised design, take dress measurements and make detailed notes of all of your fabric choices. Sometimes I may not have swatches in the right colour or your fabric choice, and I will therefore source these for you and arrange a further meeting for you to look through them.

The Quote

Once all of the design, fabric and extra details have been decided, I will then provide you with a detailed quote including back and front sketches of the gown/garment, and detail all of the fabrics and extra trimmings. If you are happy then to proceed with the quote as they are non-obligatory then I would ask you to sign and date my terms and conditions, and send these back to me with a payment of 50% towards to total cost of the gown/garment.

Creating And Fitting The Mock Up

Once you are ready to proceed the fabric will be ordered and I will create a toile of your gown/garment which is a mock up using calico fabric. As soon as the toile is complete we will arrange a fitting time. During this first fitting we will make adjustments to the toile to make sure the gown/garment will fit you perfectly and make any minor changes to the style. The pattern and toile will then be adjusted accordingly or a 2nd toile will be made depending on the required changes.

Creating The Gown

After the toile process has been finished, the fit is perfected and you are happy with the how the gown/garment looks, I will then create your gown in your chosen fabrics. Additional fittings may then be required.


A beautiful hand-made gown/garment made to your individual fabric and style specifications, to make you feel utterly unique and making your ideas & dreams a reality.

If you would like to arrange an appointment to discuss your own unique bridal gown, bespoke outfit, any dressmaking requirements then please contact us.